Brazzaville CSO—Supporting fair and peaceful elections

Brazzaville - Supporting fair and peaceful elections

Hey y’all!

This week we wanted to highlight the CSO at Marien Ngouabi University in Brazzaville, Congo for the incredible work they’re doing to support fair and peaceful elections in their country.

Noticing a growing sense of trepidation in their community, with some friends packing their bags in fear of a civil war, CSO Marien Ngouabi recognized a need to handle the fear surrounding the upcoming elections. In the past, the transfer of power has often been violent and disruptive, causing students to miss out on a whole year of school while things settled. Together, the CSO came to a goal: to sweep away the fear from the collective consciousness of their community.

They prayed to understand that chaos and destruction were not in God’s plan for them, and that God’s plan included projects of peace and joy and not dis-ease. They trusted that the Christ was speaking to them.

Together, they raised the funds to put on an incredible event.

The CSO chose hymns and worked with a music professor to arrange the music with new salsa and R&B rhythms that felt more authentically their own. For six months, they continued to work with the professor to learn to play and sing the hymns on their own. When they held the event in December, nearly a hundred CSO members, church members, and newbies to CS sang and danced for four hours.

Their prayers continue to come to fruition in beautiful ways. The event was held three weeks before a constitutional referendum and many in the community expected chaos as groups took to the street, but the vote took place in perfect calm. The elections have since taken place as well, and schools have not been disrupted. Theirs is a wonderful example of heartfelt CSO activity, wrapping their community in prayer.

4/4/16 update: Violence and unrest have since broken out in Brazzaville after a disputed poll in the presidential election. This makes the prayerful work of the CSO more important than ever, and we invite you to join them in prayer in support of peace and righteous government.

By TMC Youth's CSO support team