Connecting colleges

Connecting Colleges Campaign


Connection is a natural part of who we are, so TMC Youth has created a database of Christian Scientists at campuses around the world to make it easier for you all to find and connect with each other!  But we need your help to make it as complete as possible!

Imagine adding to your college experience a network of Christian Science students and resources – there is power in collective action. College is an awesome place for GROWING and CONNECTING.  We know you’ve got some powerful ideas to share and questions to ask, so we want to connect you with your peers.

How does this campaign work? Easy. We’re looking for students and professors who are currently on campus, those planning to attend university, as well as alumni who would like to continue to support the CSO activities at their alma mater. If you know of anyone who fits the above description, ask them to update us with their info via this quick survey!*

If you register with this campaign you will get updates from us about all of these things and we’ll add your school to the Christian Science on campus directory!

What will happen to the info? We won’t share anyone’s info outside of TMC Youth, and if you ever get tired of our emails or resources we’re connecting you with, it’s easy to opt out of the list.

Share this page with others! Help us build this network of college students all around the world!


*If you know someone who might be too busy to fill it out themselves, you can fill it out for them. But, (and this is the REALLY important part) you have to get their permission first. So let them know what this campaign is about and, if they are willing to participate, send their info our way.