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Thomas Johnsen, CSB

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Thomas Johnsen, CSB

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  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts area
  • When: Summer


  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts area
  • When: September

I was blessed to grow up with wonderful examples of Christian Science lived, both in my family and in the local branch church. I knew from experience, and from the many testimonies I heard in that little church, that healing in Christian Science is real and significant.

Still, I had to wrestle with the questions many of us do: Is the explanation of life and God that Science gives true? Is this truth “big enough” to encompass human experience in all its heights and depths? And could I really learn to demonstrate this truth—to grow in spirituality and love sufficiently to heal? (As for the last question, the learning is lifelong!)

I was blessed again by wonderful examples of Christian Science lived when I came to work in the office of the Committee on Publication at The Mother Church in the 1970s. The work there stretched and challenged me, but I’d never before encountered such a tremendously alive sense of church. It changed my direction and goals in life as I began to see the magnitude of Christian Science and the great difference between human religion and divinely-unfolded Christianity.

The years since then have brought challenge and chastening, but also large spiritual lessons. Healings in the family have meant more than words can say. Commitment to the wider healing work and, as of 2015, to teaching are a natural response to all that Mrs. Eddy’s discovery has meant in my life and all that it can mean for humanity.

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