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Stephanie S. Johnson, CSB

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Stephanie S. Johnson, CSB

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  • Where: Northern Virginia
  • When: Varies July - September


  • Where: Northern Virginia
  • When: July - August

My mom began actively studying Christian Science when I was in grade school in California. I could actually see her growing and changing as a result of her study and application of this Science of being.  Yes, there were healings, but it was the tangible polishing of character that came from understanding her inseparability from God, infinite good, Love, that I wanted in my life too.

This life-example led me to take Christian Science class instruction when I was in college. I came away from those 12 days with an inner fire to actively put into practice what I learned through my continuing study.

About a year after getting married, my husband and I agreed that I should quit my job as an industrial sales rep and devote my full attention to the public practice of Christian Science. This was not an easy decision. My husband was a career Naval officer, so we would be moving frequently, our income was relatively low, and we looked forward to having a family.  But I knew that this practice would bless our household AND the world far beyond anything else I could possibly contribute.Two years later, in 1987, when our son was a toddler, I became Journal-listed as a Christian Science practitioner.

After twenty years of public practice, active church work in numerous branch churches, and tests by fire from my husband’s career, I entered the 2006 Normal class with a seasoned sense of Christian Science practice, resilient joy and sincerity.

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