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Scott Putnam, CSB

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Scott Putnam, CSB

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  • Where: Portland, Oregon
  • When: July


  • Where: Portland, Oregon
  • When: May

Challenges in my young life were always met through scientific prayer, as my mother and grandmother were class-taught students of Christian Science. 

During a break from college, while in service work in a village in Mexico, I put my understanding of Christian Science to the test.   When immobilized for three days with a painful infection of the body, I prayed to God with all that I knew.  Early the last morning, I got up and caught a bus into Mexico City to join a family of Christian Scientists and realized I was completely healed.  Since then I never doubted that Christian Science could heal any condition I might confront in my life. Following college, I took Primary class instruction.

Later, when my wife and children and I were living in Florence, Italy, people began asking about Christian Science--and in time, asking for healing treatment.  I found myself rather suddenly in the full-time practice of this beloved healing religion.  When I returned to Portland, Oregon, in 1974, I became listed in The Christian Science Journal as a practitioner. 

As a church member over many years, I would often find myself teaching in the Sunday School. In 1988, I attended Normal class and became a Christian Science teacher. I love the give and take of teaching Christian Science and how to heal through scientific prayer.

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