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  • Where: Berlin
  • When: Usually in August


  • Where: Berlin
  • When: Usually in April

I come from a family that has known Christian Science since 1910. My grandmother experienced her first healing when she gave birth to my mother and both were in danger of not surviving the birth. Another pregnant woman in the same room told my grandmother about Christian Science. A few days later, and through the prayers of that woman, both mother and child were fine.

My grandmother attended the first class of the first German-born Christian Science teacher, a course totally in German. For decades she worked as a practitioner and must have seen thousands of healings. Both my mother and father became practitioners; my father was also a Christian Science teacher.

So it was quite natural, that I attended a Christian Science Sunday School and learned to accept this Science step by step. Even during my studies of economy and media I got calls for help through prayer, which led quite early to an active practice for many people.

At the same time, I worked for the international newspaper The Christian Science Monitor and accepted assignments for the Christian Science Publishing Society. In the late 1980s, I became the representative of the Clerk of The Mother Church for Germany. This was followed by activities for the Christian Science periodicals, presently as Managing Editor for Der Herold der Christlichen Wissenschaft.

Since that time I have been privileged to share Christian Science in hundreds of radio shortwave programs, television programs and contributions to our periodicals. In 1991 I attended the Normal class. 

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