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Michael Pabst, CSB

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Michael Pabst, CSB

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  • Where: Freeport area, Maine
  • When: Usually in August


  • Where: Tarrytown, New York
  • When: Spring

When I was a teenager in Germany I thought hang-gliding was the most fun I could have. But when I experienced a moment of profound spiritual insight that protected a friend's life in a dangerous situation up in the air, I got an inkling that there might be something even more thrilling than flying.

For me, that "something" is the joy of seeing how the Christ communicates to each of us what we need to hear. And the result is invariably solutions and healing. God's love is so real, so present with each of us.

After getting my engineering degree I spent three years in research in the waste management field. But when I was offered a job to produce religious broadcasts for The Christian Science Publishing Society, I saw a chance to help clean up the mental environment.

I spent the next years co-moderating radio programs and felt the need to commit myself to the public practice. In January 2000, I became a Journal-advertising practitioner and in 2006, a teacher of Christian Science. I served this church on the Board of Lectureship and later as a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors.

I teach because I feel so deeply impelled to share the joy of how to apply this Science of Christianity - how to be a part of humanity's salvation.

I lived in Boston and New York for several years. I'm now settled in Maine with my wife, which is where I also teach.


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