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Marilyn Jean Perkinson, CSB

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Marilyn Jean Perkinson, CSB

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  • Where: Richmond, Virginia
  • When: June


  • Where: Richmond, Virginia
  • When: October

Christian Science has had a healing presence in my family for generations. My mother’s healing of cancer when I was very young brought my first close involvement with the study and practice of Christian Science - and my first sense of “calling.”

Christian Science Sunday School further laid foundations in spiritual education and awareness of the Bible’s healing power.  A teacher supported my healing through prayer at 17 of a triple skull fracture and brain contusion from a near-fatal auto accident.

My school-years studies included piano, dance, and vocal music.

Marriage and two children were followed by a move from Wisconsin to Texas.  Later, beginning years as a single Mom left me without adequate finances, and feeling up against it.  Under these challenges, I strengthened my footing in Christian Science, and found courage, stability, and direction needed for moving ahead.  My toddler son’s rapid healing of accident-related injuries assured me Christian Science provided my children’s precious care too.

An advancing career in Human Resources enabled a move to Virginia.  Rich years of active branch church membership, class instruction, solid marriage, a family business, and work supporting Christian Science nursing followed.

We have two dear granddaughters close-by to share crafts, books, cooking, and outdoor fun.

I began advertising my healing practice in The Christian Science Journal in 1992, embracing community service, working with disadvantaged children, and serving as a jail chaplain. Normal class in 2009 added the beautiful dimension of teaching, helping others deepen and advance their spiritual pursuits.

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