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Margaret Purcell Foerster, CSB

  • English
Margaret Purcell Foerster, CSB

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  • Where: San Jose/Los Gatos, California
  • When: Usually in summer


  • Where: San Jose, California
  • When: May

               “Those who dare to teach must never cease to learn.”

               “Through that door, the Christ idea is coming to me to be acknowledged.”

These quotations graced my desk when I was a high school English teacher and counselor. Learning, teaching, recognizing others’ spiritual natures, have been life-long focal points.

My parents, active in the newspaper world, inspired me to think about local, national, global issues, and gain a Christly perspective. They embraced Christian Science after their aunt’s healing of an incurable heart condition.

When ten, I was quickly healed of diagnosed, debilitating effects from being thrown from a horse; it then became natural to help/heal friends and family with what I was learning of God’s nature and power.

Family is a top priority for me. With my husband’s support, I advertised as a public practitioner in The Christian Science Journal when the younger of our two children entered first grade (1976). My family blessed my practice; my practice blessed my family (and blesses our grandchildren, too). In 1982, I became a teacher of this supremely important subject, Christian Science.

One of my greatest loves is researching the Bible, of which Science and Health is the “Key.” Jesus is my Master Teacher.

Examining Mrs. Eddy’s writings in the context of her life strengthens my appreciation of what was required of her to fulfill her God-impelled/sustained mission and of us to continue it—conviction, commitment, courage, unquenchable love.

I’ve loved serving God and Christian Science in many ways—listening, speaking, healing, teaching…learning.

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