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John D. Minard, CSB

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John D. Minard, CSB

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  • Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area
  • When: Summer


  • Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area
  • When: Spring

As have many families, ours came to Christian Science through the experience of Christ’s healing power. A co-worker suggested my grandfather try Christian Science, and it restored his failing eyesight.

Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I attended an active Sunday School. One summer, in Junior High, while reading through Science and Health, I gained a deepening sense of God’s gentle presence, love and care of each of us as His precious children. This was a turning point. My grades, friendships, and joy of life really blossomed, as did my love of Christian Science. Many wonderful healings followed: asthma, allergies, back problems, foot sores, digestive trouble, and protective guidance throughout those teenage years. 

Not long after college, Sunday School pupils and friends began asking me for prayerful help. I discovered the great joy of helping others find healing through the practice of Christian Science.

After a brief career in broadcasting, I came to work for The Mother Church in radio, television, and computers. And later I served as Committee on Publication for the Internet. Throughout this time, I continued to take calls, and maintain an office as a Christian Science practitioner. 

While in Boston, I met and married my wonderful wife Valerie. We later moved to Philadelphia to raise a family and further establish our full-time healing practice. In 2009, my love for the healing practice led me to become a teacher of Christian Science.

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