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Jenny Lobl, CSB

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Jenny Lobl, CSB

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  • Where: London, England
  • When: Usually Summer/Early Autumn


  • Where: London, England
  • When: May

Christian Science found me in my early twenties, and through studying and applying it I began experiencing healings. Along with this came a great desire to help others experience the practical effects of prayer. I'd recently graduated from Melbourne University with a BSc in mathematics and computer science, and was working as a computer programmer. After a couple of years I felt led to leave that profession to take Christian Science nurse's training in San Francisco. I loved that involvement in the healing work and after graduating worked in various nursing jobs in Australia and the UK, including institutional and home nursing, classroom teaching and on-the-job instruction. In between nursing jobs I took a graduate diploma in primary education at Sydney Institute of Education, leading to work with school classes and later with adults deemed developmentally disabled. 

While nursing in London I met my husband, Tony, and we're now back in the British capital after several years in Boston. Class instruction and church membership have been foundational to my life. It has been a joy to participate in branch church work and I have also worked for The Mother Church, including in the Reading Room and Treasurer's office. Life and work brought many opportunities to practice Christian Science and this naturally extended to helping others who asked for prayer. I was Journal-listed in 2006. A desire to help others recognize their innate ability to understand and practice the laws of God led me to Normal class in 2012.


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