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Heather M. Hayward, CSB

  • English
Heather M. Hayward, CSB

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  • Where: London, London/Greater London
  • When: Flexible in summer


  • Where: London, London/Greater London
  • When: May

Powerful evidence of God’s love came to me after an impressive healing of broken bones when I was13 years old. I valued the teachings of Christian Science, reinforced in Sunday School, and I used them in dealing with the many teenage issues.

Instead of returning to school teaching after the natural home births of our three daughters, I found myself, when the youngest child was three years old, more and more committed to the practice of Christian Science. This was an outcome of our family life that invariably included prayerful treatment for each one’s activity, progress, and well being.

Our family life has included the arts, with a lively participation in performance, dance and music. We have six grandchildren. A joy of the practice and teaching is that it enables me to “grow” individuals in the practical art of spiritual living, much as a gardener tends and nurtures plants. I particularly enjoy continued contact with students after class instruction is completed.

My husband and I spent many years as Christian Science university and college counsellors in a number of English higher education institutions. Christian Science nursing is dear to my heart as I have been involved in that work since 1978.

In 1995 I was privileged to be elected, in recognition of my C.S.B. and other church work, as a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, (FRSA), a charity “encouraging development of principled, prosperous society” and the “release of human potential.”

I was Journal-listed in 1976 and went through the 1994 Normal class.

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