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Fabián Smara, CSB

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  • Where: El Bolsón
  • When: September


  • Where: El Bolsón
  • When: May

I grew in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shortly after we married, my wife and I moved to El Bolsón, a little town in the Andean Mountains, near San Carlos de Bariloche, where we live with our two daughters.

The interest in healing and spirituality came to me from childhood. During several years I explored different methods of healing and spiritual teachings.  When Christian Science came to me, I felt an immense gratitude in realizing the manner in which God had been preparing my thought, step by step, to be able to embrace these revolutionary ideas.

In 1995 I felt guided to further strengthen my spiritual progress by taking Primary class instruction in Christian Science. My comprehension and practice continued growing naturally, and after thoughtful consideration of this important step  with my wife, and counting on her support, in 2006 I started my full-time practice of Christian Science healing.

From the beginning, I expressed my gratitude by working for the church, both locally and globally, through writing articles and testimonies, by participating in radio programs and by serving in different offices.

The opportunity to facilitate practitioner roundtables in several countries in South America during 2014-5 gave me an extra inspiration by seeing how Christ continues guiding each sincere seeker of Truth today.  Inspired by these experiences, I applied for Normal class of 2015 to be ready to help those who felt prepared to take Primary class instruction and to help them to take their own steps of spiritual progress.


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