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Diana Davis Butler, CSB

  • English
Diana Davis Butler, CSB

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  • Where: Fresno, California
  • When: End of June


  • Where: Fresno, California
  • When: May

In 2005 I retired from a long career as an Emergency Services (911) Dispatcher/Supervisor.  In 2007 I went into the public practice of Christian Science. My love for God and man, and this amazing Science, as well as a heartfelt yearning to bless and heal, led me to become a teacher in 2012.

Although I have always had Christian Science in my life and known its healing power, I was truly the “prodigal daughter”--rebellious, selfish, willful. I was a “tea-bag” Christian Scientist – only working when in hot water – until my life was decimated by the death of my husband, severe financial woes and a myriad of other personal disasters. Finally, in total desperation and humility, I “came to myself” and began the journey home. As in the parable of the Prodigal Son, the Father “ran to meet me.” I had already resumed the serious study of Christian Science, coupled with a sincere desire to live by its precepts, when I began experiencing heart problems that threatened my life and panic attacks that threatened my career. In fear, I asked God what to do and the reply came simply – “Trust me.” I did, and have never looked back. The complete healing required consecration, spiritual baptism (sometimes by fire) and rebirth in Christ, and has been permanent. I would not trade the lessons learned from this wilderness experience, as they have anchored my life on the unshakeable, infinite Rock of Christ.

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