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Christiane West Little, CSB

  • English

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  • Where: Alexandria, Virginia
  • When: Usually in August


  • Where: Alexandria, Virginia
  • When: Usually in June

I grew up in a multilingual family in Switzerland and Argentina, with parents dedicated to human rights and world peace—and ultimately, inspired by the spiritual dimension Christian Science brings to these issues. Dad’s yearning to work for peace took them to Geneva, where Christian Science promptly ‘found” them. He was soon healed of an “unhealable” back injury.

I learned English in Sunday School and British schools. A final family move brought us to Washington, DC.

Then, eighteen months in Kyoto, Japan, included active membership with the Group of Christian Scientists and a first request for treatment. A quick healing followed. My thought turned in that direction.

I’d loved languages, but now Primary class taught me the “new tongue,” God’s healing language of love. I practiced it more consistently, until one day the “call” to the public practice came clearly at work at the State Department. I found myself praying for healing about a disturbing situation in a document I was translating--praying instead of translating! God’s healing language of love had become uppermost in my affections.

I became Journal-listed the next year. Then, followed the “onward call” to the 1979 Normal class.

I’ve served The Mother Church with Herald broadcasts and Spanish/English services, as lecturer, President, Normal class teacher, and on the Board of Education.

I love to practice and to teach God’s healing language of love.

My three children, their spouses, and six grandkids are a joy, so also are my stepchildren and their families.

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