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Carol Dee Lewis, CSB

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Carol Dee Lewis, CSB

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  • Where: Buena Vista, Colorado
  • When: Usually in July, August, or September


  • Where: Buena Vista, Colorado
  • When: September

Christian Science became my dear friend in 6th grade, with four schools behind me and five more to go. During high school and college, I knew what my life’s work would be. It was so natural to embrace my friends in this divine law of Love.

Marriage to my high school sweetheart was followed by three great years in Germany, where I joined a German-speaking group of Christian Scientists in Schweinfurt. By the time we settled in Seattle, our darling daughter and dear son had arrived. Then we headed for Boston, where I participated in opening the first multiracial preschool in the area, shortly after Martin Luther King’s assassination. This cutting-edge experience found me caring even more deeply for my fellow man.

When we settled down in Colorado to raise the children, I was cherishing both the practice and the preschool work before entering the full-time practice of Christian Science.

Loving Church as a way to embrace the world, I’ve been an active member of eleven branch churches, serving The Mother Church as a Field Assistant and then as a Lecturer in the eighties and again in the nineties through 2000.

Because the healing work was so dear to me, I stayed completely focused on that before applying in 1997 to become a teacher of Christian Science. My husband would tease me: “If you can explain Christian Science to me, you can explain it to anyone!” Naturally, I love teaching others about how to heal!

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