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Brian D. Talcott, CSB

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Brian D. Talcott, CSB

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  • Where: Alameda, California area
  • When: Usually in June


  • Where: San Francisco, California
  • When: October

I became actively involved in the practice of Christian Science while attending the University of California, Berkeley. Earning a Bachelor of Architecture from UC Berkeley, I learned I could turn to God with every need. My love of Christian Science led me to a new career path--helping others to understand and trust God with life’s challenges.

In preparation for service as a Protestant Chaplain in the U.S. Air Force, I received a Master of Theology degree in biblical studies from Boston University. Christian Science was a firm foundation for my healing ministry to those of all faiths in the Air Force. I was able to bring a spiritual perspective to addressing marital challenges, substance abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence.

In 1982, I left the Air Force and returned to Berkeley, with my wife Nancy and our two daughters. There I devoted myself to the public practice of Christian Science. My first love has always been to teach; what better to teach than how to heal in Christian Science! In 1988, I attended the Normal class and became a teacher.

For many years I served as the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Northern California, representing the Christian Science Church with the media and state legislature. I also served on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship for 10 years.

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