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Barbara R. Pettis, CSB

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Barbara R. Pettis, CSB

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  • Where: Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • When: Late spring/early summer


  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts area
  • When: Summer

From an early time in my life, I clearly recall the many occasions when family members expressed gratitude for the many blessings that Christian Science had brought to our lives.  Whether it was hearing about the very inspiring discovery of Christian Science by great grandparents or grandparents or the healings that these discoveries brought about, I knew that Christian Science was the Comforter that Christ Jesus had brought to mankind.

In my own family, I’ve witnessed healings of broken bones, cancer, childhood illnesses, heart attacks, migraines, and other serious physical difficulties.  My growing up years were happy—not because we never had any challenges—but because we always knew that God had a solution for any problem that we might face in our daily lives.

When people ask me why I became a Christian Science practitioner, I have often cited those wonderful experiences and have said that I want to give back in the same way that I have been blessed.  This has resulted in a rich, spiritual adventure of many years in the full-time public practice of Christian Science, nine years on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, having the privilege of substitute reading in The Mother Church, and, most of all, becoming a Christian Science teacher in 1994.

I have lived and traveled around the world, and in many different parts of the United States.  This has provided a wonderful perspective and has been a humbling and inspiring experience.

Today, my husband and I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and continue to find new ways of spiritually adventuring.  This is where I teach Class Instruction in Christian Science.  My annual Christian Science Association meeting is held in Boston, Massachusetts, where I lived for many years.


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