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Barbara Fife, CSB

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Barbara Fife, CSB

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  • Where: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • When: August or September


  • Where: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • When: Third Saturday in September

I grew up on the Canadian prairies, in Edmonton, Alberta, where I attended the Christian Science Sunday School. During some difficult teen years I stopped going to Sunday School, as I struggled to reconcile the concept of a good God in such a troubled world. Ultimately, it was what Christian Science teaches on this very subject that brought healing back into my life during a time of need. This is when I began exploring and studying Christian Science in earnest.

When I married, we moved to the Okanagan area of British Columbia, raised two children, and I joined the Christian Science Society, in Vernon and then Kelowna. Church membership was so valuable in supporting both my love and growing understanding of Christian Science.

Becoming a Journal-listed practitioner in 1991 was a natural next step because of my desire to share Christian Science and help others find the healing my family and I had experienced.

In late 1994 we moved to Vancouver, BC, where for the next two years I served The Mother Church as a coordinator for broadening the availability of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in our communities.

My desire to share Christian Science expanded greatly during the years I served on the Board of Lectureship, 1997 to 2010. I also learned how much I loved being in discussions with others about the life-changing spiritual concepts that Christian Science teaches. This led to my attending Normal class in 2003.

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