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Ann M. Croft, CSB

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Ann M. Croft, CSB

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  • Where: Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • When: I try to accommodate the needs of the students


  • Where: Manchester, Greater Manchester
  • When: October

I was brought up in a home where the teachings of Christian Science were put into practice, and I had the benefit of witnessing and experiencing many healings.

Attending Sunday School strengthened and deepened my understanding and my ability to apply the power of the Truth. At a young age, the application of my understanding of God, healed a loved one.

I trained to be a school teacher, and gained inspiration by attending the Christian Science Organization at Leeds University. The experience of working in deprived areas and challenging schools only gave me the opportunity to use the teachings of Christian Science every moment. I became a Deputy Head Teacher of a large school and was able to bless the whole community and be blessed myself.

All these experiences lifted my thought to realize that I was being led to the practice of Christian Science. I began advertising in the Journal in 1982. The growth of my practice was steady and this higher calling led me to apply for Normal class.

I had the great joy of going through the 1988 Normal class.

I love teaching.

I learn, as well as my students, as the great facts of Truth are unfolded to us.

I had the privilege of serving The Mother Church as a lecturer, traveling and lecturing in many parts of the world.

I have two daughters and four grandchildren, and life is full as we share many activities together. My musical experience has certainly widened!

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