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Allison W. Phinney, Jr., CSB

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Allison W. Phinney, Jr., CSB

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  • Where: Kennebunkport, Maine
  • When: August


  • Where: Boston, Massachusetts area
  • When: Usually in April

Many examples of healing--including my great-grandfather’s healing of diabetes, my dad’s of a long childhood illness, my aunt’s of years of hemorrhaging--helped anchor me in Science.  I loved the feeling of the spiritual realness of Christian Science coming through in the re-telling of healings during family visits. I hungered for more of it.

But I had some growing to do spiritually. I had a “crisis of faith” in my mid-twenties. Mrs. Eddy’s short sentence says it all: “The world was dark.” (Retro, p.23) Evil--and humanity’s suffering--looked more and more overwhelming. But through Science, the “scene shifted into light.”  Then, significant healings for myself, my wife, and our young family came along.  And these sometimes severe needs pushed me to accept more of that new consciousness and spiritual realness given of God that I’d glimpsed earlier.

After I‘d graduated from college and completed military service, prayer brought me to work at The Mother Church. That first step set me on a path of commitment to what I gradually came to comprehend is the greatest revolutionary Cause of all time. It began to be clear that Christian Science would always be what’s coming, never what’s going.

I’ve had a variety of posts and continuing activities at The Mother Church, including writing for the periodicals. I became a Journal-listed practitioner in 1978, and a teacher in 1982.  Our family not only consists of children and grandchildren but a much larger and much-loved Association family.

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