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Research Internship

Learn about TMC's activities around the world and contribute to its healing work through an internship with the International Service Department


Messages from the Christian Science Board of Directors

Invitation message and video with this year's Chair, Allison W. Phinney, sharing some thoughts on the theme of the Meeting.


Circle of Faith

Ideas and discussions to help you listen and contribute to the healing dialogue between faiths.


Why CSOs are important

Every student is looking for ideas that will help them. Every campus has needs.  




Lectures have a natural place on college campuses because of the open dialogue of ideas found there.


Cross and Crown trademark licensing program

The Christian Science Board of Directors is happy to accept applications to license use of the Cross and Crown trademark from branch churches and societies of The Mother Church, Christian Science teachers and lecturers, Christian Science college and university organizations, and Committees on Publication. The Cross and Crown is a registered trademark of the Christian Science Board of Directors and has long been used on Mary Baker Eddy’s writings and the Christian Science periodicals to indicate The Mother Church as the authentic source of these products. As the Cross and Crown trademark is expanded and more widely used through licensing, we expect the public will become increasingly aware of it as a visual identifier of genuine Christian Science services offered in local communities by The Mother Church and its branches and other associated activities.


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