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Questions and Answers

Press room questions and answers


Online Sunday Service

Join the Sunday service at The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.


Outreach activities

Outreach Activities

There are many ways to respond to the needs of the campus with CSO activities.


What’s going on now

You're invited to all our weekly and special Reading Room events. Stop by and bring a friend! January prayer theme: Mental stability—possible for everyone Finding your mental footing can be challenging at times.



Find shortcuts for sharing Christian Science with newcomers as well as member resources.


Historical perspective

CSOs started with a student named Wilfred Cole at Harvard University.


Experiences of healing

The practice of Christian Science healing has resulted in significant cures of physical and mental problems for over a century. How does prayer heal? Learn more by hearing others’ experiences with Christian Science healing.


CSO achieves recognized status

CSO achieves recognized status

Although our CSO has been active on campus for about 50 years, we had never been recognized by our Student Union.


Support for CSOs

Support for CSOs

The Church Manual ensures that CSOs are fully supported as a Mother Church activity.