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Mojisola Anjorin Solanke George, CSB

For Moji, the greatest privilege is to learn about God and understand how Christ Jesus healed. This is what Christian Science gives.


Brian G. Pennix, CSB

I love all sorts of people, and for me a great joy is helping others appreciate their closeness with God and their right to health and peace as God’s innocent children.This appreciation started for me as a boy in Christian Science Sunday School. There was a teacher who, both by words and example, taught me to think more clearly about Christian healing.


Larissa Snorek-Yates, CS

It was the first time I felt so far outside of my comfort zone. I was in Paris and had just received news that the job and place to live that I thought I would have for the next few months had fallen through.


Madora McKenzie Kibbe CSB

Christian Science is the framework of my life. The naturalness of turning to God is something I first learned from my parents, grandparents and Sunday School teachers.


Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston


The Beatitudes: Hunger and thirst after righteousness

Hungry? Bible scholar Barry Huff and Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn bring out the spiritual importance of Christ Jesus' promise, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness."


The Beatitudes: Blessed are the meek

Is meekness a weakness, or is it a quiet knowing and strength?  Bible scholar Barry Huff and Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn explore how a deeper understanding of meekness brings fresh insights to this beatitude. 


The Beatitudes: Blessed are the persecuted

Persecution isn't fun, but in this podcast about the final Beatitude, Bible scholar Barry Huff and Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn discuss we can rejoice in the face of persecution.


The Beatitudes: Blessed are the pure in heart

Bible scholar Barry Huff and Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn take a closer look at "pure in heart"—what it means to be pure, other Bible uses of the phrase, and the full promise of this beatitude.