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Practice that truly heals

The ever-new energy for the Christian Science movement flows from our practice of Christ-healing. In this session, members share how they began a public practice and continue in this work that is most essential to the transformation and salvation of the world.


Sunday School resources

Are you a student, teacher, or parent? Check out these resources to support a richer Sunday School experience. Join the Sunday School Facebook group and sign up for weekly Sunday School newsletters on the  Connections page The Ten Commandments Videos of fresh takes on the commandments, downloadable posters, and an animated series.


Attend a Church Service

You’re always welcome at Sunday church services and Wednesday testimony meetings at Christian Science branch churches and societies around the world.


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Press room questions and answers


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Church membership in The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston



Teach with questions What kinds of questions are appropriate for a Sunday School class? Audio replay of a live event more The Beatitudes: Audio Podcast In this podcast series, Bible scholar Barry Huff and former Christian Science lecturer Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn take a closer look at the Beatitudes, exploring their biblical roots and practical healing applications.  Audio replay of a live event more.


Annual Meeting 2017

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Christian Science brochure

“What is Christian Science?” brochure

This brochure provides basic information about the theology and practice of Christian Science and the activities of The First Church of Christ, Scientist and its publications. It can be downloaded, printed, and shared with others.