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Why CSOs are important

Every student is looking for ideas that will help them. Every campus has needs.  


The healing effect of a CSO

The healing effect of a CSO

I am grateful for the growth and healing that has taken place through my involvement in two CSOs during my academic career.


Giulia Nesi, CSB

I’ve always loved people—their life stories, their struggles, their successes.  I regularly meet individuals actively cultivating their spiritual life.  And I love sharing Science and Health with them!I see much of my own journey in these seekers.


Resources for librarians

Resources for librarians — here you'll find information about:

  • Promotional materials for Reading Rooms
  • Approved providers
  • Display tips and techniques
  • Guidelines:
    • Guidelines for print and electronic displays 
    • Church websites and Reading Room website guidelines
    • Social Media guidelines
    • How to use the Cross and Crown Trademark


Mary Beattie, CSB

When ideas about God and identity were presented to Mary in the Christian Science Sunday School, they had immediate appeal. They prompted her to think more creatively — grades at school improved and led to opportunities for travel and a rewarding career in public education.As a young adult, she talked with a Christian Science practitioner when circumstances had her up against a wall.


Patricia Cohan Woodard, CS

I discovered Christian Science as an adolescent and soon thereafter experienced the complete healing of a broken arm through Christian Science treatment, to the amazement of my mother, a Registered Nurse.After college and a move to New York City, I realized that I really wanted to teach and went on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching at Manhattanville College. Later, as a young mother, I took courses to become a teacher naturalist at an Audubon Center.After numerous moves, and while a mother of two children, I began working as a Christian Science Practitioner and have pursued a lifelong career of learning about God, sharing Truth, and witnessing God’s love for mankind.I love the “ah ha” moments that come to us, sometimes when we least expect it.


Applications and forms

Find forms and links for Mother Church membership, make donations and giving, Per Capita Tax payments, Journal listing,  requesting a lecture and more!