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Marketing Internship

Discover effective ways to apply all aspects of marketing and product management for all of the products sold in Reading Rooms that aren’t Mary Baker Eddy’s writings or the periodicals


Ordering and product information

Ordering and product information for Christian Science Reading Room librarians



Find shortcuts for sharing Christian Science with newcomers as well as member resources.


Reading Room Activities Internship

This internship will manage projects and communicate with Reading Rooms around the world with a focus on how church work can make a tangible impact in the community



Videos, podcasts, and more


TMC Youth Event Planning Internship

This internship will provide plenty of project management opportunities as we prepare for events like the College Summit, CSO care packages, and coordinating our high school internship program


Branch churches and societies

Find out more about Christian Science Branch churches and societies and their activities.


Marketing and Product Development Internship

Learn about marketing, product development, and business with The Office of the Publisher's Agent, the department responsible for the publication and sale of Mary Baker Eddy's writings


Local events on the Plaza

Local events on The Christian Science Plaza 

Find out what events are happening at The Mary Baker Eddy Library, The Mother Church Reading Room, Pipes on the Plaza, Chiming Concerts, and more!