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Online Wednesday Service

Participate in a weekly testimony meeting with people around the world. Hear others share insights, experiences, and healings they’ve had through their prayer and practice of Christian Science.


Church officers

 A list of the current officers, including the Board of Directors, of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA, USA


College summit

The College Summit is an event for all university students, faculty, instructors, and recent graduates. High school students may also attend. It is an opportunity to make new friends, get inspired, and explore ways to support the Cause of Christian Science and get involved in this global movement. This year we’re coming together to explore how Truth — as explained in Christian Science — is transforming the world today.


Goodbye bullies!

by Robbie From the  November 8, 2010 issue  of the  Christian Science Sentinel In third and fourth grade, there were some bullies at my school. They pushed me around, called me names, and teased me about my size.


Joshua Niles, CSB

For much of my life I’ve had a desire to serve others.  This desire led to activities like tutoring, coaching, teaching Sunday School as well as serving in the Army.


Larissa (Lari) Snorek, CSB

It was the first time I felt so far outside of my comfort zone. I was in Paris and had just received news that the job and place to live that I thought I would have for the next few months had fallen through.




Lectures have a natural place on college campuses because of the open dialogue of ideas found there.



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