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Spiritual solution to stress on campus

Panel on campus stress

High stress levels among students prompted us to to hold a panel on how prayer and spirituality are relevant to relieving mental stress.


Robert Coe Gilbert CSB

Although a life-long Christian Scientist, I didn’t embrace it fully until I had to deal with a number of challenges in college. After graduation, I was accepted into The Mother Church chaplain training program, attended seminary, and had a variety of assignments in the Army, including military prisons, hospitals, and a tour of duty in Vietnam. The public practice of healing naturally evolved and I became listed in the Journal in 1976. After completing active duty, my wife and I moved to California, where we raised two sons.


Christiane West Little CSB

I grew up in a multilingual family in Switzerland and Argentina, with parents dedicated to human rights and world peace—and ultimately, inspired by the spiritual dimension Christian Science brings to these issues. Dad’s yearning to work for peace took them to Geneva, where Christian Science promptly ‘found” them. He was soon healed of an “unhealable” back injury.


The Lord's Prayer by Jesus

Beautiful images and music combine in a video that illustrates the spiritual depth in Christ Jesus' prayer for all his followers - the Lord's Prayer. Recommended for all ages.


Tom McElroy, CS

Available for local area lectures onlyI’ve always loved meeting new people and learning fresh and inspiring ideas. Through my study of Christian Science, I’ve found that a better understanding of God helps me connect with all kinds of people and to appreciate and enjoy the many diverse expressions of divine Life and Love which fill the globe.It was my interest in different cultures, people, and ideas that led me to study philosophy at university.


Research Internship

Learn about TMC's activities around the world and contribute to its healing work through an internship with the International Service Department


Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy considered herself a spiritual pioneer whose work encompassed the disciplines of science, theology, and medicine. After her discovery of God’s laws as powerful spiritual mandates, always present and operating to heal, redeem, and bless humanity, she devoted her life to practicing, teaching, and sharing this healing Science of Christianity.


Focus for younger kids — Loving your neighbor

One of Christ Jesus' two great commandments tells us: "Love your neighbor as yourself." Here are a few ideas to help you pray about how to love someone, even when they aren't being loving towards you. VIEW THE FOCUS PAGE FOR OLDER KIDS GoVerse Daily Verse Follow us on Instagram to get inspiration right in your feed.



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