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Lindsey J. Taylor, CSB

I grew up in a family in which Christian Science was at the heart. The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy became like good friends and from them I learned how to pray.


Spiritual solution to stress on campus

Panel on campus stress

High stress levels among students prompted us to to hold a panel on how prayer and spirituality are relevant to relieving mental stress.


What is a CSO?

What is a CSO?

A CSO comes together to bring healing to issues campuses face.


The Lord's Prayer by Jesus

Beautiful images and music combine in a video that illustrates the spiritual depth in Christ Jesus' prayer for all his followers - the Lord's Prayer. Recommended for all ages.


Mary Alice Rose, CSB

Mary Alice tells people that the answer to the question of how she started studying Christian Science is not that interesting: she grew up in it. The more interesting question is why she stays with it, and she loves exploring the answer to that compelling question with others.Mary Alice’s interest in science and technology led to a 20-year career in different areas of applied physical science.


Moving? Love will still be with you!

Christian Science Sentinel Article about making friends in a new school. For Focus for younger kids back to school page.


What’s going on now

You're invited to all our weekly and special Reading Room events. Stop by and bring a friend!\ June Theme: What can prayer do? Read our latest newsletter Is prayer really practical? Does it actually make a difference? Stop by the Reading Room and find modern accounts of Christian prayer-based cures and protection.