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Find common ground

There is no “us” and “them.” Our peers are no different from us, and we can be confident in sharing our good with all of our friends, because our actions are rooted in love for and unity with all man, not a sense of superiority. Three great responses: The best role model we have for how to explain Christian Science is Christ Jesus: he spoke in parables, not rocket science.


Be a dragon slayer

By Jenny Sawyer From the March 28, 2016 issue of   The Christian Science Sentinel When I was little, I didn’t like climbing into my bed if my room was already dark. I had to take a flying leap to make sure that any monsters underneath didn’t grab my ankles.


Let's be good porters!

By Kathryn Knox From the June 8, 2015 issue of   The Christian Science Sentinel Do you know what a castle looks like? Some castles were built with moats of water and drawbridges. Many others had a big locked-and-barred door.  If you were a person who didn’t belong in the castle, would the person guarding the door just let you come in? I don’t think so! If you wanted to get in, and were planning to do something bad, you might try to lie to trick the person at the door to let you inside.


Marketing and Product Development Internship

Learn about marketing, product development, and business with The Office of the Publisher's Agent, the department responsible for the publication and sale of Mary Baker Eddy's writings


Web and Information Technology Internship

Learn how the departments of The Mother Church use numerous web-based technologies to fulfill their mission with the Technology Services Group


Marketing Internship

Discover effective ways to apply all aspects of marketing and product management for all of the products sold in Reading Rooms that aren’t Mary Baker Eddy’s writings or the periodicals