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Judith Hardy Olson CSB

Attending Christian Science Sunday School as a child, I loved what I learned there of God—He’s everywhere, always Love, and All. But going out into the “cold, cruel world,” I couldn’t reconcile what I was seeing with a God who is Love. Putting my Bible and Science and Health on the shelf, I forged ahead, just trying to live a moral, meaningful life. I married, had children, was happy, but missing was a depth to life.  Science and Health beckoned to me. Opening it, I saw my grandmother’s note inside: “Judith Ann—Read this.  You owe it to yourself.” I did, for the first time. When I came to “The calm, strong currents of true spirituality.


Scott F Preller CSB

Christian Science has taken care of my family’s needs for five generations. I used to listen to my German grandmother tell me how God had protected family members during both world wars. These accounts of protection from bombs and Nazi interrogations had the same feeling of authenticity as the Bible accounts of deliverance from lions’ dens and fiery furnaces. Because of that, the Bible always felt approachable to me. Growing up in Colorado, loving hiking and skiing and the mountains, it always felt completely natural to be talking to God and listening for His presence.


Gloria Nickerson Preston CSB

As a teen I began to feel a deep intuition about the presence and power of a profoundly loving God, which became increasingly important to me. "How does God know himself and all of his creation?" I wondered.


Estrella de Romero CSB

I am from Veracruz, Mexico. From girlhood, I wanted to know more about God and who I was--it was really a search for spirituality.  I wished I had been born in Jesus’ time so I could experience primitive Christianity and its healing power for my family and myself.


Mary Alice Rose CSB

Christian Science has always been most precious to me. I was raised in it, and I can honestly say there was never a time when I didn't think of myself as a Christian Scientist.


Steven A Salt CSB

Lifer.  That’s me…a lifelong student of Christian Science.  My roots are in the Midwest, Columbus, Ohio, where I have lived my entire life.  I have attended one church from youth and teach the high school and college-aged group in the same Sunday School my mom enrolled me in. Living Christian Science has given me stability, peace and happiness in all facets of my life.  It sustained me through my college experience.  It has been an integral part of my family life and career.


Fabian Hector Smara CSB

I grew in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shortly after we married, my wife and I moved to El Bolsón, a little town in the Andean Mountains, near San Carlos de Bariloche, where we live with our two daughters.


Brian D Talcott CSB

I became actively involved in the practice of Christian Science while attending the University of California, Berkeley. Earning a Bachelor of Architecture from UC Berkeley, I learned I could turn to God with every need.


Mary Metzner Trammell CSB

Being raised in a home where both my parents were Christian Science practitioners, and my father a teacher, was an incredible privilege. Spiritual healing was such a natural, joyful daily occurrence that I somehow always knew I wanted to be a Christian Science practitioner myself. After growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, and Boston, I went to Smith College. My husband, Talbot, and I married soon after graduation, and raised our two children in Miami, where he practiced law. A Baptist when we met, he discovered Christian Science was what he’d always believed in—and joined The Mother Church and the branch church where I belonged.


Insurance and Christian Science

Various U.S. federal, state, and private health insurance plans provide for the reimbursement of Christian Science nursing care and practitioner treatment. The U.S. Federal Office has been working to increase the availability of insurance options that cover these types of care.