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Ten Commandments animated series

Ten Commandments animation

Bible scholar Barry Huff shares background and insights on the Ten Commandments.


Mary Bothwell, CSB

From childhood, Mary Bothwell has pursued a quest to understand the universe. Her spiritual education and search began in the Christian Science Sunday School, where she learned to apply the lessons in the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, to her life.


Mojisola Anjorin Solanke George, CSB

For Moji, the greatest privilege is to learn about God and understand how Christ Jesus healed. This is what Christian Science gives.


Lisa Redfern — Mother's Evening Prayer

Lisa Redfern is an award winning singer-songwriter who moved back to Maine in 2009 after spending 14 years in the San Francisco Bay area. She was raised in Maine and first performed with her father, Bob, who taught her to play guitar at age 14.


The Book of Esther

The book of Esther: Part 1—Overview Esther is one of the two books of the Bible named for a woman, a story about how one young woman almost single-handedly saved a nation. Interestingly, God's name doesn't appear in the book of Esther.


The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark: Pt. 1 - Overview If you think of just one word when you think of Mark, think of this one: Discipleship.


The Book of Proverbs

The Book of Proverbs: Part 1— Overview The book of Proverbs offers something no other book in the Bible does: a clear cut path to wisdom. Watch The Book of Proverbs: Part 2— Structure of Proverbs At first glance, the book of Proverbs may seem like a random mix of wise sayings.


Michelle Boccanfuso Nanouche CSB

I have practiced healing prayer for others since 1992. My family came to Christian Science through my dad’s healing of acute depression.


Lectures online

Learn how Christian Science heals from online and in-person lectures around the world.


Coloring Books

Moses and the Burning Bush A coloring book re-telling of the story of Moses and the burning bush. Click on the link below to print and download this coloring book.