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Mother's Evening Prayer — Ryan Winslow

Ryan Winslow, University of Michigan graduate, is a classically trained vocalist and singer-songwriter from Bozeman, Montana. He has been soloing in church and composing and arranging music for piano, voice and guitar since age fifteen. His passion is the partnership of music and storytelling and its potential to inspire and heal. He is currently pursuing his music in Nashville, Tennessee. You can listen to his work at


The Lord’s Prayer: Our daily bread

"Give us this day our daily bread" is the first line of the Lord's Prayer that focuses on our needs. Bible scholar Barry Huff discusses how this line of Jesus' prayer is about more than bread—it's about God's abundance and caring for our neighbors. (Recommended for Sunday School teachers and Sunday School students ages 11-17)


The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

Images of joy, life, and beauty bring out the spiritual depth in Christ Jesus' prayer for all his followers


Press room

Press room


Christian Science Organizations

Each Christian Science Organization (CSO) is unique, but they're connected by a common desire to bring healing to campus issues and make the ideas in Christian Science more accessible to their campus communities. CSO Content See what CSOs around the world are doing to connect with and support their campuses.


Online Wednesday Service

Participate in a weekly testimony meeting with people around the world. Hear others share insights, experiences, and healings they’ve had through their prayer and practice of Christian Science.


Church officers

 A list of the current officers, including the Board of Directors, of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, MA, USA


Sushil Kumar Likhi, CSB

Hindi profileHindi video introductionBeing born and brought up in a Hindu family in Northern India, Sushil was totally unaware of Christian Science till someone gifted him a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures in 1975.  He had many healings through this spiritual system of prayer as explained by the author of this book, Mary Baker Eddy.  One of those healings was of chronic malaria. Sushil took Primary class instruction in 1979 and continued to work as a Christian Science practitioner on a part-time basis until he took early retirement in March, 2004.  And in June, 2004, he became a full-time practitioner listed in The Christian Science Journal.  As a full-time practitioner, he devotes time in study and prayer to help with many kinds of problems.  And in 2009, Sushil became a teacher of Christian Science. Earlier in his career, after receiving a M.Sc.


Godwin A. Anakor, CSB

Godwin Anayochukwu Anakor is a Christian Science practitioner with a healing practice based at Enugu in Enugu State of Nigeria. He has been a member of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, since 1979 and has been active in the Christian Science church in Enugu for many years.