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Support for CSOs

Support for CSOs

The Church Manual ensures that CSOs are fully supported as a Mother Church activity.




Lectures have a natural place on college campuses because of the open dialogue of ideas found there.


Kimberly Crooks Korinek CSB

Christian Science was introduced to my family by my grandfather as a result of his complete healing of severe head injuries. Many healings and a happy Sunday School experience followed.



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Kari Mashos, CSB

indeed come.In my professional opera career, the power of prayer, based on the teachings of Christian ... that same blessing.With the many concepts circulating on the subject of God, Christ Jesus, Christian
comforting, strengthening and thought-provoking. I felt those Biblical healing experiences of relying on


Susan Steinemann Collins CSB

When I found Christian Science, I had absolutely no idea that man’s potential was limitless, no challenge was too hard for God, and, that we could experience heaven, right here on earth! I grew up on Long Island, New York, where educational and cultural opportunities abounded, including music, travel, community service, and advantages in The Big Apple. But, my whole life was overshadowed with distressing health issues.


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Melanie Wahlberg, CS

Two influences on me that I’ll never forget were the Christian Science Sunday School and a mom who ... turned to prayer and encouraged me to do the same.  These influences showed me something of the


College summit

The College Summit is an event for all university students, faculty, instructors, and recent graduates. High school students may also attend. It is an opportunity to make new friends, get inspired, and explore ways to support the Cause of Christian Science and get involved in this global movement. This year we’re coming together to explore how Truth — as explained in Christian Science — is transforming the world today.