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Support for CSOs

Support for CSOs

The Church Manual ensures that CSOs are fully supported as a Mother Church activity.


Sentinel Watch

God’s law of abundance—with Marc Schwartz

Do you feel like you’re drowning in debt? Your bills are piling up and there’s no way out? On today’s Sentinel Watch, our guest knows just how that feels. His business was badly affected by the 2008 recession, and his debt was overwhelming. But even in this dark place, he knew there was a way out because of God’s law of abundance. By turning to God in prayer, he was guided back to a financially sound and thriving business. 

So listen to this edition of Sentinel Watch and discover how to develop and cultivate God-given spiritual resources, which never run dry.




Lectures have a natural place on college campuses because of the open dialogue of ideas found there.


Kimberly Crooks Korinek CSB

Christian Science was introduced to my family by my grandfather as a result of his complete healing of severe head injuries. Many healings and a happy Sunday School experience followed.


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Learn how Christian Science heals from online and in-person lectures around the world.



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Kari Mashos, CSB

indeed come.In my professional opera career, the power of prayer, based on the teachings of Christian ... that same blessing.With the many concepts circulating on the subject of God, Christ Jesus, Christian
comforting, strengthening and thought-provoking. I felt those Biblical healing experiences of relying on


Our prayer makes a difference

Bringing a Christian Science healing perspective to the news to affirm that our prayer makes a difference.


Susan Steinemann Collins CSB

When I found Christian Science, I had absolutely no idea that man’s potential was limitless, no challenge was too hard for God, and, that we could experience heaven, right here on earth! I grew up on Long Island, New York, where educational and cultural opportunities abounded, including music, travel, community service, and advantages in The Big Apple. But, my whole life was overshadowed with distressing health issues.