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Community Relations Internship

Help the Community Relations Liaison build relationships between TMC and leaders in Boston's business, art, government, education, nonprofit, and religious communities


Podcasts on racial issues

Here's a collection of Lifts with spiritual ideas to support an end to racism. Each Lift can bless you and your community—all in just a few minutes.



Learn about everything Concord has to offer. Explore product information, support, community sharing, and frequently asked questions.


Available internships

Learn about available Internships at The Mother Church in Boston.


Connect Now

Find Christian Science organizations on your campus throughout the world. 


Christian Science Reading Rooms

Christian Science Reading Rooms are places of hope, where lives are changed. Similar to a library or bookstore, they offer a place for inspiration and prayer. Community spaces where many have been healed by studying the lessons of the Bible and nurturing a deeper connection with God.


Jesus' Little Parables of the Kingdom

The department of General Publications is pleased to be re-issuing Diane Worfolk Allison’s Jesus’ Little Parables of the Kingdom . This delightful children’s book depicts the Sunday School children of the fictional town of Fish River Crossing coming together to present a play for their community depicting many of Jesus’ beloved parables.


Sunday School workshops, newsletters, and connections

Request a workshop We offer Online Workshops that support Sunday School activity: Living generously as a Christian Scientist This youth-focused workshop encourages more expansive thought about sharing Christian Science with others, the purpose and power of Church in today’s world, and how each of us is needed in this important work. Engaging Youth in Church This workshop for the entire church community focuses on bridging the gap between Sunday School and church, and encouraging youth participation in church.  Strengthening Sunday School This workshop is primarily for Sunday School teachers and Superintendents to consider together what makes a strong and effective Sunday School.


Elizabeth Crecelius Schwartz CSB

While growing up in California, my three siblings and I had many challenges but also many blessings. Our parents were dedicated church and community supporters and instilled in us the idea of living one's life in a way that would help the world.


Anne Melville, CSB

simply my natural choice.  Years ago my own family was affected by a community issue. In an attempt to ... terrible community and there was nothing that they could do for us. But almost immediately I felt an