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Community Relations Internship

Help the Community Relations Liaison build relationships between TMC and leaders in Boston's business, art, government, education, nonprofit, and religious communities



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Organize a summit

Any community can organize a summit.  Our vision is to be a partner with local communities to develop an event that will serve the needs of their community.  TMC Youth does not decide where the event will be but we wait for YOU to start the process and contact us. If you are interested in organizing a summit, here are a few things to consider before you begin the process: What is a summit? A Spiritual Activist Summit is designed to connect young people with the resources and activities of The Mother Church in order to support their work as healers in their communities and to explore Mary Baker Eddy’s vision for youth in the movement found in the  Manual of The Mother Church  (Article IV).


Brazzaville CSO—Supporting fair and peaceful elections

Hey y’all! This week we wanted to highlight the CSO at Marien Ngouabi University in Brazzaville, Congo for the incredible work they’re doing to support fair and peaceful elections in their country. Noticing a growing sense of trepidation in their community, with some friends packing their bags in fear of a civil war, CSO Marien Ngouabi recognized a need to handle the fear surrounding the upcoming elections.



Church membership isn’t so much about showing up on Sunday or signing your name on a piece of paper. It’s about connecting with a community of spiritual thinkers and healers.


The healing effect of a CSO

The healing effect of a CSO

I am grateful for the growth and healing that has taken place through my involvement in two CSOs during my academic career.


Outreach activities

Outreach Activities

There are many ways to respond to the needs of the campus with CSO activities.



Where do Reading Room Librarians begin? Right here — we have compiled some inspiration for our wonderful Reading Room librarians all around the world. 

Find information about:

  • What the Church Manual says about Reading Rooms
  • Christ-healing and Reading Room activities webinar (and a references document).
  • Curated article list from The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel specifically for Reading Room librarians.
  • Webinar videos for librarians that we hope you will find beneficial.