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Daniel and the lion's den

Office politics, deception, and triumph—this is the story of Daniel and the lions' den. The Christian Science Board of Directors and former TMC Youth interns bring all the characters—and their spiritual lessons—to life in an animated version of this well known Bible story.


Parable of the sower

An animated video explores the deeper significance of Jesus' parable about the sower who sowed seeds by the wayside, on a rock, among thorns, and on good ground. (Recommended for ages 8-14) var playeraff66e6; var playeraff66e6Id = 'Video3087'; var videoaff66e6Id = 'f1axAf2p6eI'; var optionsaff66e6 = {"properties":{"filename":"f1axAf2p6eI","content_metadata":{"language":"en_US"}},"accountCode":"firstchurch","enableAnalytics":true,"httpSecure":true,"media":{"isLive":false,"title":"Video\\u003A\\u0020Parable\\u0020of\\u0020the\\u0020sower"},"transactionCode":"EmbedVideoContent","properites":{"content_id":3087,"content_metadata":{"language":"en_US"}}}; function loadPlayeraff66e6(videoaff66e6Id, playeraff66e6Id) { playeraff66e6 = new YT.Player(playeraff66e6Id, { height: '390', width: '640', videoId: videoaff66e6Id, playerVars: {"autoplay":0,"cc_load_policy":0,"cc_lang_pref":"en","fs":1,"hl":"en_US","loop":0,"modestbranding":1,"rel":0,"showinfo":0,"start":0,"theme":"light"}, events: { 'onStateChange': onPlayerStateChange } }); // Plugin declaration if (typeof $YB !== undefined) { youbora = new $YB.plugins.Youtube(playeraff66e6, optionsaff66e6); } } if (typeof ytplayers === 'undefined') { var ytplayers = new Array(); } ytplayers.push({'fn': 'loadPlayeraff66e6', 'yt_id': 'f1axAf2p6eI', 'player_id': 'Video3087'});.


The Gospel of Mark: Part 3—Jesus in the Gospel of Mark

In Mark, we see Jesus from the disciples’ point of view—which means that Jesus can sometimes come across as mysterious, or as difficult to understand. One thing that’s not difficult to understand about Jesus in this Gospel, though? Jesus never, ever lost faith in his disciples.


The Gospel of Luke: Part 3—Jesus in The Gospel of Luke

In every gospel, Jesus is loving, generous, and supremely kind. But the portrayal of Jesus in Luke is especially compassionate.


The Gospel of John: Part 3—Jesus in The Gospel of John

Who was Jesus? The Gospel of John couldn’t be clearer on the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. But that’s not the only way it portrays Jesus.


The story of 5

The Story of five: The importance of identifying yourself correctly Enjoy this presentation a Sunday School teacher created to go along with his lesson plan on correct identification. (Recommended for ages 11-14) DOWNLOAD.


Bridging the Gap - Sunday School and Church

The transition between Sunday School and Church is an important step.


Bible Basics

The Book of Genesis Watch The Book of Exodus WATCH The Book of Esther More The Book of Job More The Book of Psalms MORE The Book of Proverbs More The Gospel of Mark More The Gospel of Luke MORE The Gospel of John More The Book of Acts More The Book of Revelations MORE.