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Jacklyn J Williams CSB

As a youngster I had sporadic attendance in Christian Science Sunday schools (my family moved frequently), and by Middle School there was no longer any contact. However, two things remained solidly in my memory of those early times: (1) the feeling of being so cherished and loved from the moment I entered the room (every one of my teachers expressed love genuinely and abundantly); and (2) my learning that God is Love, and always present to help us! To my young mind, those thoughts stayed, and on rare, scary occasions, I would turn to them and find peace and healing. So after marriage, and with two toddlers to care for, I just knew Christian Science Sunday School (and nursery) for them and Church for me was all I wanted.  Later, when our girls were in their teens, a long illness and subsequent healing of mine (this is written up in a pamphlet “Keep Praying”) was the impetus to have Christian Science class instruction. Shortly after class, the practice began, and some years later, in 1994, the wonderful opportunity occurred for even more sharing of Christian Science through teaching.


Lindsey J Taylor CSB

I grew up in a family where Christian Science was at the heart. I deeply value the security I have always felt  from knowing we can turn to God for help in any situation and find the inspiration and spiritual understanding we need in the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.


Robert R MacKusick CSB

I became a serious student of Christian Science in my Sunday School years. A teacher said something that convinced me Christian Science is the truth of being. This led me to become a member of The Mother Church as a teenager. A quick healing of a diagnosed ear infection enabled me to pursue my love of swimming, becoming All-American in high school. I joined the Christian Science College Organization at Michigan State University, while majoring in Hotel Management. More healings led to having Primary class while in college.


Barbara Thiel Johnson CSB

Having grown up in Hialeah, Florida, where the local branch church started on our front porch, Church was always at the focal point of my thought. My father was healed in five days of a rare blood disease from having contracted malaria while setting up Pan American Airways in Brazil.


Elise L Moore CSB

My family has practiced Christian Science for over 100 years.  My great-grandmother was healed of tuberculosis in Biloxi, Mississippi. My paternal grandmother was healed of a heart condition supposed to be fatal. I’ve wanted to help, save and heal people through Christ and Christian Science since I was a child. In elementary school, I shared Christian Science with others and had significant healings on my own. At 12, I united with The Mother Church and a branch church, writing my first testimony for publication. Christian Science has always been a rock of salvation and healing for me. Throughout high school and college, I actively worked to explain the Christ, Truth, to others in language they could understand, and prayed for others when they asked.


Lois Royle Marquardt CSB

Making a choice for God has been a reoccurring theme throughout my life. Christian Science was introduced to our family when I was young.


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Diane Uttley Marrapodi CSB

The value of Christian Science, not just as a system of healing but as a way of life, became clear to me while attending Sunday School in Patchogue, Long Island, New York. I learned at an early age that God is ever-present, omnipotent Love, and that man is God’s reflection and expression. This was a saving grace! As I became aware that not everyone knew or understood that divine reality and its application, I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life studying, applying, demonstrating, and sharing the gospel, or the good news of Christian Science.  Consequently, as the only Christian Scientist in a high school with 2,000 students, I had several opportunities to speak with sociology and comparative religion classes. Then, similar opportunities were presented in college. This is where my work in the public practice of healing began. After college, I trained and served as a Christian Science nurse for 10 years, before becoming a Journal -listed practitioner in 1981and a teacher of Christian Science in 1985. Since then, I have served on the Board of Lectureship, have written for the periodicals of the Christian Science Publishing Society, and have been interviewed for the Sentinel Radio Program and on an audio chat for


Connie Coddington CSB

While I was growing up in a Christian Science home, the subject was rarely discussed. Yet my parents lived it.