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Leide Lessa CSB

My piano teacher saw my distress about my father’s illness. Then she offered me a Herald of Christian Science and invited me to Sunday School.


Coloring books

Moses and the Burning Bush A coloring book re-telling of the story of Moses and the burning bush. Click on the link below to print and download this coloring book.


Church Activities Internship

Get ready to participate in The Mother Church's support of churches and societies, informal groups, CSOs, Sunday Schools, Reading Rooms, etc.


Ideas for CSO Activities

What does a Christian Science Organization (CSO) do?


Mary Bothwell CSB

What an exhilarating experience to have the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy come alive through their spiritual meaning! I gained a glimpse of this as a student in the Christian Science Sunday School. Ever since, I have continued to participate in Sunday School whenever possible, either as teacher of all age levels or as superintendent.


Barbara M Fife CSB

I grew up on the Canadian prairies, in Edmonton, Alberta, where I attended the Christian Science Sunday School. During some difficult teen years I stopped going to Sunday School, as I struggled to reconcile the concept of a good God in such a troubled world. Ultimately, it was what Christian Science teaches on this very subject that brought healing back into my life during a time of need. This is when I began exploring and studying Christian Science in earnest. When I married, we moved to the Okanagan area of British Columbia, raised two children, and I joined the Christian Science Society, in Vernon and then Kelowna. Church membership was so valuable in supporting both my love and growing understanding of Christian Science.


Pamela Joy Concar CSB

My family found Christian Science when my grandfather was terminally ill.  After his healing, my grandmother became a Christian Scientist and brought her eight children, including my mother, to Sunday School.  I was raised in Christian Science and saw many healings in my family: burns, facial lacerations, childhood diseases, which were healed quickly and permanently.  Wanting to learn more about how to heal, I went through Primary class.  I became active in my branch church as soon as I graduated from Sunday School. Raising a family and working, provided many opportunities to apply the healing principles of Christian Science.   Our family saw many healings and I had countless opportunities to share Christian Science with others.  After moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, I found that I was spending more and more time helping others through prayer.


Peter Hamilton James Jackson CSB

I grew up in north London, where I attended Sunday School at First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hendon, and I joined The Mother Church as a teenager. After graduating from Cambridge University with a master’s degree in engineering, I initially pursued a career as a pianist and song writer, while also tutoring in mathematics and later on teaching English as a foreign language.


Alice W Suitt CSB

Three generations after my grandmother found Christian Science while homesteading Canadian wheat fields, I am grateful that the gift of her example of compassionate, loving, joy-filled, consecrated practice of Christian Science continues to bless all. Early in life, through spiritual lessons learned in Christian Science Sunday School, I was led to a career in public service, moving through a series of unique experiences until I was appointed to various upper level, regulatory-management positions, where there were many joyful and challenging opportunities to apply those early Sunday School lessons and, later, what I  learned during Christian Science Primary class Instruction.


Judith M Weisz CSB

My parents were Christian Scientists, and I had the great benefit of Sunday School teaching, and learning that God is always present to meet the need—always our “first aid.” When I married and had children, they were bought up in the same way, with my husband’s agreement, and I saw what a boon it was to be able to turn to God as the only Father/Mother. When I joined a branch church, I was asked to work in various positions and realised that if I were to be of help to the Church, I needed to progress in Christian Science, so I took class Instruction and was then appointed First Reader. To my surprise, people came to me for healing treatment. This impelled me to advertise as a full-time Journal -listed practitioner.