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Mabiala Mavungu CSB

I am married and the father of 4 children. Although originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, I have been living with my family in Brussels, Belgium, in recent years.


James Pascal Bikai CSB

  My parents found Christian Science when I was eight, and we experienced our mother’s healing of cancer, as well as many other healings of serious diseases over the years. I was always curious to know how prayer worked, especially after I was healed of yellow fever.


Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) was a spiritual pioneer. Her work covered the disciplines of science, theology, and medicine.


Outreach Internship

Learn about TMC's activities around the world and contribute to its healing work through an internship with the International Service Department


Muanda Joachim Kininga CSB

I graduated from college as a teacher of commercial science and worked for the post office, for public schools as teacher, and for my own business. Before discovering Christian Science, I was healed of several diseases, and I healed other people at my former church through faith and prayer.


Christian Science nursing

Information about Christian Science nurses and how you can get involved in the ministry of nursing through Christian Science. 


Customer Support Internship

Join the dynamic team focused on improving the new Concord study resource as well as the ebook versions of the church’s core texts


Marketing and Product Development Internship

Learn about marketing, product development, and business with The Office of the Publisher's Agent, the department responsible for the publication and sale of Mary Baker Eddy's writings