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Lectures online

Learn how Christian Science heals from online and in-person lectures around the world.


Community Relations Internship

Help the Community Relations Liaison build relationships between TMC and leaders in Boston's business, art, government, education, nonprofit, and religious communities


Connect Now

Find Christian Science organizations on your campus throughout the world. 


Sunday School workshops, newsletters, and connections

Request a workshop We offer Online Workshops that support Sunday School activity: Living generously as a Christian Scientist This youth-focused workshop encourages more expansive thought about sharing Christian Science with others, the purpose and power of Church in today’s world, and how each of us is needed in this important work. Engaging Youth in Church This workshop for the entire church community focuses on bridging the gap between Sunday School and church, and encouraging youth participation in church.  Strengthening Sunday School This workshop is primarily for Sunday School teachers and Superintendents to consider together what makes a strong and effective Sunday School.


Online services and other church activities

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About Christian Science informal groups

In areas where there isn’t a branch church or society, Christian Science Informal Groups provide a way for students of Christian Science to come together for public worship and mutual support.


Online services and events

Join us for church services, Sentinel audio chats, podcasts from The Mary Baker Eddy Library, the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, and more. Online Sunday church service 10 AM EDT Join the Sunday service at The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.


About internships

Find out about the internship program and how to apply.


Churches, societies, and groups

Church members — are you wanting to find out specific information about managing your Christian Science Branch churches, Christian Science Organizations, and Christian Science societies, and other information about their activities? You've come to the right spot!

Here you can get information about:

  • Reading Rooms

  • Sunday School

  • Prison and institutional work 

  • How to engage youth in Church 

  • How to start an informal Christian Science group

  • How to form a Christian Science society

  • Church consolidation guidelines

  • Tax and charitable contribution guidelines

  • Hosting a lecture

  • Requesting use of the Cross and Crown trademark

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