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Alleluia! The power of praising God   — with Jennifer Ann Gordon

On this edition of Sentinel Watch, our guest talks about how we each, as God’s expression, can never be separated from divine Love, and how praising God helps us experience His ceaseless goodness and love. She shares several experiences, including being left homeless with three children, in which healing resulted from her praise of God and how she learned to live a life of gratitude and joy on a daily basis. 

To hear how praising God can bring healing, tune in to this edition of Sentinel Watch—​​a​ ​weekly​ ​production​​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Christian Science​ ​Sentinel.


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Healing racism

The renowned scholar, rabbi, and civil rights activist Abraham Joshua Heschel described marching with the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., as “praying with my legs.” The spiritual love and conviction that flows from prayer was an impelling force behind the civil rights movement and is still at work in today’s efforts to heal societal racism.


Sarah Hyatt, CSB

Sentinel Radio and Sentinel Watch podcasts multiple times. I’ve shared the powerful, healing ideas of ... frequently for the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal, and have been a guest on


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