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The department of General Publications has produced a new music CD that will be of interest to individuals and Reading Rooms. Called Embraced, the CD features all seven hymns by Mary Baker Eddy alongside other favorites from the Christian Science Hymnal


Ruth Geyer CSB

I came into Christian Science as an adult and found it to be just what I’d been searching for -- Mrs. Eddy’s writings described so perfectly something I’d always known deep inside.


Colleen Feldmann Douglass CSB

I love to stretch the boundaries of long-held notions about human life and its limitations. The more I understand the one infinite and benevolent God, the more I grow to expect that good is ever-operative. When at a crossroads in my career, my love for mankind prompted me to realize that I was most needed for my commitment to spiritual healing, so I entered the Christian Science healing practice. Before dedicating myself full-time to this practice, my faith in God was tested as a student, an active businesswoman, an educator, and a stepmother to adolescent children. My career included serving as one of the early women hired in a non-clerical position by the U.S.


Georgia Powers Bulloch CSB

A career in spiritual healing—not even on my radar when I headed off to college! My love of numbers made accounting an attractive major, while international travels to France and Switzerland enriched my experience with a deepening global awareness. Marriage and family came before my degree, so I attended night school and worked in financial accounting for a railroad company, which was the parent of both a steel company and a trucking company.


Michelle Boccanfuso Nanouche CSB

I have practiced healing prayer for others since 1992. My family came to Christian Science through my dad’s healing of acute depression.


Diane Uttley Marrapodi CSB

The value of Christian Science, not just as a system of healing but as a way of life, became clear to me while attending Sunday School in Patchogue, Long Island, New York. I learned at an early age that God is ever-present, omnipotent Love, and that man is God’s reflection and expression. This was a saving grace! As I became aware that not everyone knew or understood that divine reality and its application, I realized that I wanted to spend the rest of my life studying, applying, demonstrating, and sharing the gospel, or the good news of Christian Science.  Consequently, as the only Christian Scientist in a high school with 2,000 students, I had several opportunities to speak with sociology and comparative religion classes. Then, similar opportunities were presented in college. This is where my work in the public practice of healing began. After college, I trained and served as a Christian Science nurse for 10 years, before becoming a Journal -listed practitioner in 1981and a teacher of Christian Science in 1985. Since then, I have served on the Board of Lectureship, have written for the periodicals of the Christian Science Publishing Society, and have been interviewed for the Sentinel Radio Program and on an audio chat for


Jane Kanugu Mirianki CSB

Healing in Christian Science can never be compared to anything else here on earth. Christian Science indeed has enabled me to prove that "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble." My early years were spent in Eastern Province of Kenya, with my parents and three brothers and five sisters.


Neera Kapur CSB

I was raised in a Hindu family in India, and my religious education about God was that if you do something wrong, God punishes you. As I grew older, I challenged God and said “If you want me to worship you, I want answers.