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The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke: Pt. 1 – Overview If you remember only one descriptive word about the Gospel of Luke, remember this one: universal.


The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John: Pt. 1 – Overview You can’t miss out on John’s main message.


The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark: Pt. 1 - Overview If you think of just one word when you think of Mark, think of this one: Discipleship.


The Book of Psalms

Psalms: Part 1 – The Overview When you think “psalms” do you think “songs”? Actually, some Bible scholars say that a better translation for “psalms” might be “praise.” And the psalms are full of praise. In fact, praise is a defining feature of Psalms—not just the individual psalms themselves, but also this book of the Bible as a whole.


The Book of Genesis

Genesis: Pt. 1 – Overview We don’t mean to get all Sesame Street on you, but when you think of Genesis, think of the letter P.


Daily Lift webinar (replay)

Daily Lift webinar: How to write and deliver a compelling and healing message


Why form a CSO?

Learn the why, what, and how of forming a Christian Science Organization (CSO).


Daily Lift

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The department of General Publications has produced a new music CD that will be of interest to individuals and Reading Rooms. Called Embraced, the CD features all seven hymns by Mary Baker Eddy alongside other favorites from the Christian Science Hymnal


Georgia Powers Bulloch CSB

A career in spiritual healing—not even on my radar when I headed off to college! My love of numbers made accounting an attractive major, while international travels to France and Switzerland enriched my experience with a deepening global awareness. Marriage and family came before my degree, so I attended night school and worked in financial accounting for a railroad company, which was the parent of both a steel company and a trucking company.