Fabian Hector Smara CSB

I grew in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shortly after we married, my wife and I moved to El Bolsón, a little town in the Andean Mountains, near San Carlos de Bariloche, where we live with our two daughters.


Enrique V Smeke CSB

My father came home late one day. At dinner he told us how he learned at a lecture that Christian Scientists heal themselves through prayer.


Lyn Smith CSB

I have lived most of my life in and around Fremantle, Australia.  I trained as a hairdresser and operated a hairdressing business. Christian Science came into my life shortly after a personal challenge.  A dear friend passed on at a relatively young age.  Shortly after, I bought a second-hand copy of Science and Health - the word “Health” caught my attention.


Susan Booth Mack Snipes CSB

My calling to the public practice of Christian Science came in the summer of 1973.  As I sat quietly praying about my life's purpose one night, looking out over a placid Maine lake, the moon was laying a gentle path of light directly to me.


Larissa Snorek-Yates CSB

Since childhood, I felt on a quest for understanding truth. I spent summers voraciously reading book after book to solve the mystery of the meaning of my life and the world.


John C Sparkman Jr, CSB

As a young adult, I would have identified myself as Christian, spiritual and non-religious. I am not sure if I found Christian Science or Christian Science found me.


Sue A. Spotts CSB

At an early age I found Christian Science to be the surest Comforter.  It was my close companion from teen years into adulthood, healing and sustaining me during tough times and providing counsel and assurance through many decisions related to family, education, and career.


David F Stevens CSB

Growing up in a Christian Science family, I experienced healing and felt God’s love as reality early and often. I began to pray for myself and find healing in high school and college athletics.  In college I became impressed with the complexity of the world’s problems and wondered if Christian Science was really the answer.


Sabrina Stillwell CSB

Growing up in a loving Christian Science home in California, I witnessed and experienced many healings through prayer. Later, after unfruitful years of exploring different modes of thinking and behavior, I found myself drawn back to the truths, the universal spiritual laws I had learned as a child--the pure and deeply practical teachings of Christian Science.  I knew this was the Truth -- the unwavering nature of God's love, the supreme power and grace of God's goodness -- that I had found nowhere else.  I experienced healing and a deep yearning to understand more of God, which led me to take Primary class in 1983.


Linda Mary Stocks-Copley CSB

"My prayer some daily good to do to Thine for Thee .." These words from a poem by Mary Baker Eddy, reflect the impetus of my life from early childhood. Raised in South Africa during the apartheid era by parents who practised Christian Science, I felt uncomfortably “doubly advantaged” – racially by State law, spiritually by what Sunday School taught about God's law.