Maryl F Walters CSB

  Our family was introduced to Christian Science when my grandfather was dying of tuberculosis. Someone directed him to a Christian Science practitioner and he was healed, going on to live a long and happy life. But each one of us has to make Christian Science our own, and I found my conviction and calling in my early twenties through in-depth study and prayer when I was expecting my first child. I also had several significant healings that pointed me to the truth of Christ-centered, Jesus-patterned spirituality as taught in Christian Science.


Julie Anne Ward CSB

I’m blessed that two of the great loves of my life – teaching and Christian Science – come together in what constitutes, for me, a perfect lifework. As a little girl, I loved Mrs.


Debra Ann Nelson Warmack CSB

I grew up on a horse farm in northeast Kansas. Many generations of my family have relied on Christian Science for literally everything. We’ve seen healings of broken bones, severe bleeding during pregnancy, concussion, diabetes, car accidents, job loss, severe skin conditions, blindness, financial difficulties, and, as you might expect, many, many animal healings. During our college years, my husband and I met working as swimming instructors at a camp for Christian Scientists. After graduation and marriage, we eventually moved to the Dallas, Texas, area where I started in the healing practice of Christian Science, becoming Journal -listed in 1989. While studying the Church Manual by Mary Baker Eddy, I was struck by the bylaw, “The prayers in Christian Science churches shall be offered for the congregations collectively and exclusively.”  (See Church Manual , p.


Abigail M Warrick CSB

In 1923 my grandfather was given a copy of Science and Health, and through reading it, healed his five-year-old son (my father) of terminal cancer and polio, whose case had been given up by five physicians. I felt a natural affinity for Christian Science as a young child, and early developed a desire to heal.


Judith M Weisz CSB

My parents were Christian Scientists, and I had the great benefit of Sunday School teaching, and learning that God is always present to meet the need—always our “first aid.” When I married and had children, they were bought up in the same way, with my husband’s agreement, and I saw what a boon it was to be able to turn to God as the only Father/Mother. When I joined a branch church, I was asked to work in various positions and realised that if I were to be of help to the Church, I needed to progress in Christian Science, so I took class Instruction and was then appointed First Reader. To my surprise, people came to me for healing treatment. This impelled me to advertise as a full-time Journal -listed practitioner.


Louise White CSB

Although I was reared in Christian Science, I really didn’t understand its teachings until after I was married. One of my first misconceptions was that I could solve problems by my own supreme human effort. However, by turning to God alone and denying human will, my daughter was healed of severe intestinal problems, I was healed of wrong character traits, and I became a more content and honest person.


Irmela Wigger CSB

I spent the largest part of my childhood with my grandparents in Denmark. Through my grandfather, who had studied theology, I came to love the Bible. Later when I lived in Germany with my parents, I was introduced to Christian Science and attended Sunday School for a number of years. As my parents were musicians, playing an instrument became one of my hobbies.


Jacklyn J Williams CSB

As a youngster I had sporadic attendance in Christian Science Sunday schools (my family moved frequently), and by Middle School there was no longer any contact. However, two things remained solidly in my memory of those early times: (1) the feeling of being so cherished and loved from the moment I entered the room (every one of my teachers expressed love genuinely and abundantly); and (2) my learning that God is Love, and always present to help us! To my young mind, those thoughts stayed, and on rare, scary occasions, I would turn to them and find peace and healing. So after marriage, and with two toddlers to care for, I just knew Christian Science Sunday School (and nursery) for them and Church for me was all I wanted.  Later, when our girls were in their teens, a long illness and subsequent healing of mine (this is written up in a pamphlet “Keep Praying”) was the impetus to have Christian Science class instruction. Shortly after class, the practice began, and some years later, in 1994, the wonderful opportunity occurred for even more sharing of Christian Science through teaching.


Judy L Wolff CSB

I attended Christian Science Sunday School as a child, but my dad insisted that his daughters receive medical treatment. When I was 16 years old, after years of unsuccessful medical care, I had a startling and permanent healing of ear infections through Christian Science. God became my only physician. At age 19, I took a definitive stand for Christian Science and supported my mom’s reliance on it during a critical illness. When it appeared that she was dying, and that Christian Science could not save her, I discovered God as my tender Mother-Love, and committed myself to Christian Science, no matter the outcome. I put God first, and my mom had a radical healing. Nine years later, I was quickly healed of the anticipated fatal effects of an automobile accident through complete reliance on Christian Science.