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Margaret Rogers CSB

Christian Science and community service were strong influences in my home growing up.  I found fulfilling ways to help disadvantaged people over the years, but in college I became convinced that the best way to accomplish lasting justice and peace was Jesus’ path of breaking through the illusion of evil and many minds to the perfection of God’s spiritual universe.  I wanted to devote myself to Christian Science healing, but wasn’t sure how to launch. My next step was to become a Christian Science nurse.



Teach with questions What kinds of questions are appropriate for a Sunday School class? Audio replay of a live event more The Beatitudes: Audio Podcast In this podcast series, Bible scholar Barry Huff and former Christian Science lecturer Susie (Rynerson) Jostyn take a closer look at the Beatitudes, exploring their biblical roots and practical healing applications.  Audio replay of a live event more.


Julie Anne Ward CSB

I’m blessed that two of the great loves of my life – teaching and Christian Science – come together in what constitutes, for me, a perfect lifework. As a little girl, I loved Mrs.


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Pamela P DeBolt CSB

As a child growing up in Nevada and California, our family was very enterprising. Though we didn’t have a great deal materially, I watched as my mother’s brand new study of Christian Science began to bring so much good into our lives.


Bruce Fitzwater CSB

My family was entering into the study of Christian Science during my infancy. My childhood was graced by love felt through my mother’s selflessness and trust in God. As my father grew into the practical understanding of Jesus’ teachings, he and I shared many searching metaphysical discussions. At college and graduate school I studied philosophy and then taught philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. However, this initial academic work, which I enjoyed and valued, deepened my underlying conviction that the goodness sought by the world and myself is most directly found through the study of Christian Science and its healing practice. On my return to the United States in 1971, I focused on preparation for becoming a practitioner. After entering the practice, I soon continued contact with academic communities as a Regional Representative to Christian Science organizations at universities. In the 1980’s, as a member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship, I addressed audiences throughout the United States and in over 30 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Recently, I completed 10 years of service as state Committee on Publication.


Ruth Geyer CSB

I came into Christian Science as an adult and found it to be just what I’d been searching for -- Mrs. Eddy’s writings described so perfectly something I’d always known deep inside.


Rodger Amagan Glokpor CSB

Awful poverty in a polygamous family--these words describe well the condition in which I first became aware of my existence in the remote countryside of South-Eastern Togo, West Africa, where I was born. Traditional animism, worship of and belief in many spirits, nurtured my heathen early education.


Lynn Gray Jackson CSB

Early in childhood, after instantaneously healing a close family friend of smoking, I became aware of the spiritual power of Christian Science. This put a desire in my heart to heal others. As a lifelong Christian Scientist and a daughter of a  Journal -listed practitioner, I had the opportunity to witness, firsthand, many healings.


Robert D Stranathan CSB

In the seventh grade, after seeing the movie “Joan of Arc”, I asked God to give my life an exalted purpose like Joan of Arc’s.  Soon, I had a growing desire to be a Christian Science practitioner. As a junior in college, I thoughtfully read Science and Health from cover to cover.  Struck by the many times Mrs.