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Sunday School connections, workshops, and newsletters

Connect with others Google group Connect via email with other teachers to share best practices and ask questions about Sunday School. Join the group Facebook group Connect with other Sunday School teachers on Facebook! Join the discussion Request a workshop We offer Online Workshops that support Sunday School activity: Living generously as a Christian Scientist This youth-focused workshop encourages more expansive thought about sharing Christian Science with others, the purpose and power of Church in today’s world, and how each of us is needed in this important work.


The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

Images of joy, life, and beauty bring out the spiritual depth in Christ Jesus' prayer for all his followers


Outreach Internship: French and/or Spanish Language

Learn about TMC's activities around the world and contribute to its healing work through an internship with the International Service Department


Madora McKenzie Kibbe CSB

Christian Science is the framework of my life. The naturalness of turning to God is something I first learned from my parents, grandparents and Sunday School teachers.


Meet the Master: Part Five

In the final part of our "Meet the Master" podcast series, Bible scholar Elaine Follis explores the impact of Jesus' life with regards to Christianity, and for us today. (Recommended for Sunday School teachers and Sunday School students ages 11-17) 



Understanding God helps us navigate life at any age. Whether you're a student, parent, or Sunday School teacher, you'll find relevant resources here.