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Cynthia Lee Clague CSB

Christian Science came into my family when Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy healed two of my great grandmothers of incurable diseases. Faithful teachers in Sunday School taught me to love the Bible and to practice its teachings.


Susan Steinemann Collins CSB

When I found Christian Science, I had absolutely no idea that man’s potential was limitless, no challenge was too hard for God, and, that we could experience heaven, right here on earth! I grew up on Long Island, New York, where educational and cultural opportunities abounded, including music, travel, community service, and advantages in The Big Apple. But, my whole life was overshadowed with distressing health issues.


Colleen Feldmann Douglass CSB

I love to stretch the boundaries of long-held notions about human life and its limitations. The more I understand the one infinite and benevolent God, the more I grow to expect that good is ever-operative. When at a crossroads in my career, my love for mankind prompted me to realize that I was most needed for my commitment to spiritual healing, so I entered the Christian Science healing practice. Before dedicating myself full-time to this practice, my faith in God was tested as a student, an active businesswoman, an educator, and a stepmother to adolescent children. My career included serving as one of the early women hired in a non-clerical position by the U.S.


Thomas Richard Mitchinson CSB

Christian Science healing. I love those words! In my teen years, I suffered from a skin condition that would come and go. During this time I studied Christian Science deeply.


Marilyn Jean Perkinson CSB

Christian Science has had a healing presence in my family for generations. My mother’s healing of cancer when I was very young brought my first close involvement with the study and practice of Christian Science - and my first sense of “calling.” Christian Science Sunday School further laid foundations in spiritual education and awareness of the Bible’s healing power.  A teacher supported my healing through prayer at 17 of a triple skull fracture and brain contusion from a near-fatal auto accident.


Scott Putnam CSB

Challenges in my young life were always met through scientific prayer, as my mother and grandmother were class-taught students of Christian Science.  During a break from college, while in service work in a village in Mexico, I put my understanding of Christian Science to the test.   When immobilized for three days with a painful infection of the body, I prayed to God with all that I knew.  Early the last morning, I got up and caught a bus into Mexico City to join a family of Christian Scientists and realized I was completely healed.  Since then I never doubted that Christian Science could heal any condition I might confront in my life. Following college, I took Primary class instruction.


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