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Online Sunday Service

Join the Sunday service at The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts.


Visit The Mother Church

Everyone is welcome at The Mother Church, the world headquarters of the Church of Christ, Scientist, and the Christian Science Publishing Society. Tour the church, visit the Mary Baker Eddy Library and public Reading Room, attend a Sunday or Wednesday church service, bring your children and teens to the Sunday School, and enjoy the beautiful Christian Science Plaza in the heart of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.


What’s going on now

You're invited to all our weekly and special Reading Room events. Stop by and bring a friend! November Theme: The greatest gift: God's love Read our latest newsletter In turbulent times when we yearn for peace and a feeling of love, is it possible to find it? We invite you to stop by the Christian Science Reading Room and read how others found that God, good, is there for each one of us.



Find shortcuts for sharing Christian Science with newcomers as well as member resources.


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The members of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, are a global family committed to practicing the compassionate, healing, transforming Christianity taught by Jesus. We hope you’ll get to know us, explore, ask questions, and find out more about our worldwide Church and its many activities.


Beverly Goldsmith CSB

My love for Christian Science healing began as a young teenager. My mother and grandmother were healed of chronic ailments, and I was permanently healed of migraine headaches by reading Mary Baker Eddy’s textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.


Sue A. Spotts CSB

At an early age I found Christian Science to be the surest Comforter.  It was my close companion from teen years into adulthood, healing and sustaining me during tough times and providing counsel and assurance through many decisions related to family, education, and career.