May 26, 2018

Earlier this week a church member serving at the Christian Science Reading Room in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, was assaulted in an apparently random act of violence. She passed away the following day. This grievous incident has been widely reported and is under investigation by police. The following statement was provided by the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Ontario to reporters who have asked for comment:

“When a truly good and spiritually illumined person” is so unexpectedly taken from us, as a Christian Scientist wrote some years ago, “perhaps one's first impulse is to feel the very heavens should open and weep at the magnitude of the human loss.” The writer went on to say that ultimately we can best “honor the real meaning of their lives ... through our allegiance to the Life that is God” and to living more fully the image of God reflected in each of us. This is the faith represented in a Christian Science Reading Room.

[The article quoted in this statement, entitled “‘Drear subtlety’ or double portion?” can be read in full on the website It appeared originally as an editorial in the Christian Science Sentinel, June 25, 1984.]

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